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“Making Gamers Heroes”


To enable fans to reach out to the next generation.

To Unite all esports fans across region.

To be the face of Southeast Asia esports.

To bring our players to the world stage.

To professionalise the esports ecosystem.


We lead, manage, mentor and coach all daily roles and responsibilities from understanding and practicing our values, a prerequisite for every player and staff to fully function under our team.

Start Small

Big results come from accomplishing small things. Every step takes us closer to our goal of world champion.


We are enthusiastic about the life-long journey of learning and discovering new things.


Being whole and complete in our communication and personal life between our players, staff and fans creates the best foundation for performance.

Be Better

We always raise the bar and nurture our people to be the best they can be. See who they can become, not who they are today.


Our team is not just owned by our shareholders, but by our players, fans and community.


In esports, our players must know how to correctly manage and respond to pressure to succeed, applicable to a student’s daily learning to assist with the stress and pressure that come with exams and striving to achieve desired grades or paper qualifications.

We have identified 4 core esports competencies that every child needs to survive in the coming world of society and work.




Critical Thinking

In addition, mental skill, concentration, dedication and dexterity are all essential attributes similar to traditional sports. Through constant learning and development, esports offers the chance to recapture the true spirit of competition without the physical and gender gap imposed by the traditional sports of past.